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The Norwegian Medicines Agency

The mission of The Norwegian Medicines Agency (Statens legemiddelverk, NOMA) is to evolve and safeguard public and animal health by ensuring the efficacy, quality and safety of medicines.

Our goals:

  • Ensure that medicines marketed in Norway are safe and effective.
  • Ensure that the population has access to medicines independent of ability to pay.
  • Ensure the correct medicinal  and economical use of medicines.
  • Ensure the use of cost-effective medicines.

NOMA is in charge of marketing authorisation, classification, vigilance, pricing, reimbursement and provision of information on medicines to prescribers and the public. NOMA is subordinate to the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

More information:


News notification service

You may register to receive e-mail notifications every time a new article within your fields of interest is published or updated on NoMA's website.

Approved medicines database

When using the database, be aware you have to change the search settings to find medicines that are approved, but not marketed. See English user guide.